Ocean Advocates Weigh In At TakePart.com

oceans alive
Yesterday was World Ocean Day, and I shared my own thoughts about the topic in this post. Personally, I think the threats to our oceans are one of the biggest dangers to the planet and our continued existence on it, and World Ocean Day was meant to spotlight some of those concerns, especially as events in the Gulf of Mexico continue to unfold.

I wasn’t the only one talking about the plight of our oceans yesterday however, as a number of far more qualified people that me weighed on the subject over at TakePart.com. Topics ranged from global climate change, oil in the Gulf, and more.

Contributors included the likes of Philippe Cousteau, who said that he felt that increased levels of carbon are the biggest threat to the oceans today. Roz Savage shared her thoughts as well, pointing to the high levels of plastic that are now found in our waters. And our friend Jon Bowermaster, who has been filming along the Louisiana coast, discusses the chemical run off that has created a dead zone in the water at the mouth of the Mississippi River.

Each of the articles also includes some ideas on how we can “get our hands wet”, or in other words, how we can all pitch in and help on an individual or grassroots level. I may be pointing these suggestions out a day after World Ocean Day, but it’s never too late to start helping out.

While you’re over reading the various essays, be sure to checkout TakePart.com more fully as well. The site is dedicated to tackling the biggest environmental issues today, and finding ways that we can all “take part” in making the world better place. Think of it as social networking with an eco-friendly slant.

Kraig Becker