Steps To The Summit – Step 10: The Main Ingredient: Passion

Todays edition of Steps to the Summit, which as always comes to us courtesy of Expedition Hanesbrands, discusses the one ingredient that is needed to live a life of adventure, at least according to expedition leader Jamie Clarke. That ingredient is passion. Jamie says that passion is the fuel for our drive to accomplish a goal, whether that is climbing a mountain or something else entirely. He says, and I agree with him, that people who are passionate about their pursuits don’t need inspiration, as they have already obtained that.

But, he also goes on to say that we shouldn’t wait to find that thing that inspires us in order to become passionate, and that we should instead be “passionate period”. Live your life with a passion and you’ll find a catalyst for adventure and a more fulfilling journey to your goal, what ever it may be. Our passion will drive us to overcome obstacles and other barriers that arise as we make our way to the figurative and literal summits. Good advice!

Kraig Becker