Steps To The Summit – Step 14: Test Yourself

The message of today’s Step to the Summit is a simple one. Test yourself before you go for your goals, what ever they may be, so you’re aware of your own strengths and weaknesses ahead of time.

In the case of the Hanesbrand Team’s recent climb of Everest, that early test came on the Himalayan peak of Pumori, where they tested their gear, team chemistry, and skills months before they attempted Everest. By doing so, they were able to make corrections as needed and the process helped to result in a successful summit of Everest this past spring.

Team leader Jamie Clarke gives another example of how to apply this lesson, using the goal of running a 10k instead. He says that before you run that distance, you’ll train over shorter distances, but might test yourself on a 3k time trial, in which you’ll run at a faster pace than you expect, you’ll test your food strategies, and determine if your shoes will work for you. The lessons you learn from that process will help you prepare for the real event later on.

Kraig Becker