Steps To The Summit – Step 6: Forge Character (Part 2)

Todays episode of Steps to the Summit from the Hanesbrand Team continues the themes set down in Episode 5, building on the idea of forging character, which comes from staying focused and determined to reach your goals, whether they include climbing Everest or going after some other goal in our lives.

Expedition leader Jamie Clarke uses a great analogy when it comes to overcoming challenges and unexpected adversity. He talks about how climbers get into position to summit by climbing the mountain in the miserable, crappy weather, so that when the weather window opens up, and the skies clear, they are already in position to take advantage of the conditions and go to the top. He says that character is forged during those long, tough days before you reach Camp 4, which makes the final summit bid all the better.

Adversity is part of reaching our goals, and when we overcome it, it builds our resolve and helps us to take the next step. Something we shouldn’t forget in life or in climbing.

Kraig Becker