Steps To The Summit – Step 7: Be Flexible

The Hanesbrand Team has posted another important lesson for us today in their next Step to the Summit, which tells us to be flexible in our pursuit of our goals. The message is to expect adversity, know that it is coming, and in doing so, you can roll with the punches a bit more, and keep moving towards your summit, whether that’s a literal one or a figurative one.

I found one thing that expedition leader Jamie Clarke mentioned at the beginning of the video to be very interesting. He uses the example of getting away from your diet and training for a night out with friends as a way to be flexible. He says that you should allow yourself those things, and not beat yourself up over them, as we all need those little breaks in the routine from time to time, and in the greater scheme of things, they don’t effect our preparation. Good message for all of us.

Kraig Becker