Update on Abby Sunderland #2: Zac Speaks To The Press

Abby Sunderland’s brother Zac, who sailed solo around the world last year, has spoken to the press, and the video has been released on YouTube. He updates us a bit on the situation, but really, we’re all still waiting for news on Abby’s condition. Clearly the family is staying confident and upbeat, hoping for a communications failure, and not a serious accident with the boat.

There has been some talk of a plane flying out to the area to see if they can spot Abby’s boat, the Wild Eyes. Her remote location makes it impossible for a rescue helicopter to go out and rescue her, but a survey plane could possibly get us news on what is happening. Meanwhile, the rescue ships are steaming their way to Abby’s last known position, but it’ll be a day and a half before they can get on scene.

More as it becomes known. Thanks to The Adventure Life for the tip on the video.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Update on Abby Sunderland #2: Zac Speaks To The Press”

  1. Good news, Abby Sunderland is alive and well, her family has confirmed, after her yacht was found just before 4.30pm Australian time.
    Thank goodness!

  2. The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (ASMA) Acting chief executive officer Mick Kinley said Abby was "safe and sound at this stage".
    "Now we move into a rescue phase where the nearest vessel, which is a fishing vessel _ the Ile De La Reunion _ is 24 hours away. She's making all steam to the sight of the vessel and we're hoping that they'll be in a position to effect a rescue tomorrow,'' Mr Kinley said.

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