Update On Abby Sunderland

A quick update on Abby Sunderland, who I posted earlier is feared lost at sea. The ABC News story that I linked to earlier has been updated with a bit more info, with word from Abby’s brother Zac.

Apparently, Abby’s boat has an beacon that will go off if it sinks more than 15 feet below the surface. That alarm, fortunately, has not gone off yet, which gives us hope that she’s lost communications, and the boat may be stalled out, but still in one piece. The story also says that there are rescue ships already en route, but due to the remote nature of where she is at, it will take 40 and 48 hours for the two boats to arrive on the scene.

Those are very long hours for Abby’s friends and family back home, so keep your fingers crossed. There is hope that she will be found, safe and sound, although a bit water logged. The family seems to be remaining upbeat at the moment, and they know Abby’s capabilities better than anyone. She also has plenty of survival gear and emergency equipment with her on the Wild Eyes, and is capable of surviving at sea.

I’ll post more as it becomes known. As I said earlier, this is a quickly developing story at this point.

Kraig Becker

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