Want To Go To Expedition School?

Explorer and adventurer Mark Kalch has put together a cool, innovative program designed to help other potential  explorers get their expeditions off the ground, and in August he’ll be holding a seminar in the south of France with that very goal in mind.

The Expedition School, as it is called, will run from August 20-22, in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques region of France, near Bordeaux. Over the course of the three days, participants will sharpen their rafting and mountain trekking skills, while also learning how to craft a letter to potential sponsors, use both still and video cameras to document their journey, and select the right gear for their needs.

The school will also be a place to foster ideas, share thoughts, and network with other adventurers, all of whom are considering similar expeditions of their own.

The price for the program is £295 with the camping option or £365 to stay in a twin share room. That includes all the activities you’ll be taking part in, and your meals for the very active weekend as well. 

Kalch will impart his wisdom he has has gained through his own expeditions. Back in 2007 he was part of a team that went the length of the Amazon River on rafts, source to sea, through Peru and Brazil, and he recently completed a solo trek north to south across Iran. I’m sure he’s learned quite a bit on those types of adventures, and will have plenty to share with his “students”.

This sounds like a really cool program, and one that could be potentially very useful for anyone planning their own expedition, but could use a little help and experience to point them in the right direction. Anyone planning on attending? 

Kraig Becker

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