Gear Box: Adventure Medical Kit’s .3


Exactly a year ago today I reviewed the Ultralight med kit from Adventure Medical Kits.  I found it to be a great, lightweight, and invaluable addition to my backpack, whether I”m heading out on the trail for a day or leaving the country on an extended trip. But, AMK has a number of kits to choose from, with options for whatever type of trip you’re going on. For instance, the 2010 edition of .3 Med Kit is small, affordable, and offers just about everything you’ll need for a one or two day trip.

Weighing in at just 2.32 ounces, the .3 contains the following supplies:

Bandage Materials

3 Dressing, Gauze, Sterile, 2″ x 2″, Pkg./2

4 Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, 1″ x 3″

2 Bandage, Adhesive, Fabric, Knuckle

2 Bandage, Butterfly Closure Blister / Burn

1 Moleskin, Pre-Cut & Shaped


1 Splinter Picker/Tick Remover Forceps


2 After Bite Wipe

2 Antihistamine (Diphenhydramine 25 mg)

2 Ibuprofen (200 mg), Pkg./2

Wound Care

2 Alcohol Swab

1 Tape, 1/2″ x 10 Yards

2 Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Single Use

3 After Cuts & Scrapes Anethestic/Antiseptic Wipe

That’s a lot of useful stuff in one small package. And speaking of that package, it also happens to be a resealable, watertight DryFlex bag that’ll keep all of the contents clean and dry for when you need it most. And you want to know the best part? The whole thing costs just $9. At that price, how can you afford to not have one in your pack?

The .3 isn’t just useful when traveling however. It makes a great piece of mandatory gear on a sprint adventure race for instance, or you can toss it in a backpack while heading out for a day of mountain biking. Any place that you might need a minor medical attention, the .3 should be there. At nine bucks a pop, it’s cheap enough to drop one in every bag. All gear should be this useful and this affordable.

Kraig Becker