Gear Box: Outdoor Research DryComp Ridge Sack

outdoor research drycomp ridge sack

Outdoor Research has made some of my favorite gear that I’ve reviewed over the past year, and every time I get something new from them to test, I’m continually impressed by their high quality products and attention to detail. Recently I got my hands on their DryComp Ridge Sack, and it continues the tradition, with a nice, lightweight, no frills pack that could fill a niche in your gear closet. 

The Ridge Sack is a 34 liter pack made of ultralight and waterproof nylon that comes complete with roll-top waterproof closure, which makes it resemble a dry bag with shoulder straps. OR boasts that the sack has “radio frequency welded seams for highly durable waterproof seals”, which only helps to reinforce their message that this pack is indeed very resistant to moisture. Clearly the Ridge Sack is designed to keep its contents dry. 
As I mentioned above, there are few frills on this pack. The shoulder straps have little padding at all, and there is only one large interior pocket. There is, however, a mesh back pocket that can be used to keep basic items close at hand or support a small hydration bladder. The pack also has a pair of ice axe loops, but that’s about it for the amenities. The Ridge Sack is the very definition of a minimalist pack. 
OR designed Ridge Sack for use on those fast and light summit pushes or for a day of peak bagging. The emphasis here in on “fast and light” though, as you wouldn’t want to over pack this bag or put more than about 15-20 pounds maximum. The shoulder straps are designed to hold much more than that. That said though, I think this pack can be put to far more uses than bagging peaks. It would make a great addition to your next paddling trip for instance and scuba divers would probably love to take it on their dive boats to keep their gear dry. Depending on your needs, it would make a good pack to take to the gym, beach, or just about anywhere else that where keeping your stuff dry is of importance. Best of all, the Ridge Sack weighs just 16 ounces and folds down flat, so it can easily be stuffed in your travel bags when you hit the road. 
This is a very well designed, versatile, and very useful pack that continues my love affair with everything from Outdoor Research. It is a unique pack that you may not even know that you need, and while it’s lacking in frills, that’s kind of the whole point. A minimalist approach that favors function over form, making it a nice piece of gear that knows exactly what it wants to do and doesn’t try to squeeze too much into one product. A very nice addition to any gear closet. (MSRP: $119, available at
Kraig Becker

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  1. It is definitely a nice, versatile, and lightweight bag that is nice addition to the gear closet. Not sure if it's available in the Philippines OJ, but I'm sure someone would ship there.

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