Is it Time for the Tour de France to Come to North America?


In my post-Tour de France haze, I’ve been working through my withdrawal by surfing the web and wishing I could find something – anything, that could possibly fill the void. So far I haven’t had much luck, and I’ve pretty much resigned myself to waiting another year before the world’s best cycling event returns. But thanks to Jeff Doran over at, I’ve at least got something to ponder.

In a blog post this morning, Jeff wrote an open letter to Tour Director Christian Prudhomme suggesting that he consider bringing Le Tour to North America, with the justification that the race has already visited 10 other countries, albeit all European nations. He even suggests a possible itinerary, with the Prologue being held in Quebec City in Canada, and Stage 1 being run  between Quebec and Montreal. Stage 2 would then jump over to the States and run from Albany to New York City, with the following day being a rest/travel day back to France. Jeff even goes so far as to suggest that the Tour make the jump for the 100th anniversary, which will be run in 2013 as well. He further bolsters his argument by saying that bringing the Tour to North America would increase its popularity in the States, and bring in more fans in the post-Lance Armstrong era.

This is a very compelling case, and as a fan of cycling and the Tour, I’d love to see it here in North America. Heck, I’d probably even try to make the trip to watch it in person myself. Unfortunately, I doubt it would ever happen, as the travel back across the Atlantic to France would probably incite a riot amongst the cyclists who are a touchy bunch as it is. I do think it would be great for the sport, and give the Tour great exposure outside of Europe, and while I support this idea whole heartedly, I think realistically it’ll never happen. Still, it is fun to think about and speculate some. So? Who else would love to see the Tour her in North America?

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “Is it Time for the Tour de France to Come to North America?”

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  2. Interesting idea but having to fly back from America to France to cycle the next day?? Impossible! It's been in countries that border (or pretty much border) France; and the reasons for that are fairly obvious.

    If it goes to America it might as well go to the Cook Islands or Tasmania…

  3. Pretty much exactly how I feel Tom. It's a nice idea, and I'd love to see it happen, but doubt that it ever will. All of the other countries visited are neighbors and not an ocean away.

    I'm sure the riders would throw fits in protest as well.

  4. Yet we never know if we never ask such questions. If there was any chance, it would likely be the most popular athletic event of that year, and I would be right there with you cheering them all along the way!

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