JPFreek Summer Issue Is Now Available

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The Summer issue of JPFreek Magazine is now available and is offering up the usual great content. As usual, I had the privilege of contributing to this excellent online e-zine which continually produces great good content for Jeep enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers as well.

The issue is available for a limited time by clicking here, after that it’ll be open only for subscribers. It gives you a chance to checkout the content that the magazine has to offer. My personal contribution to this issue is an article on my recent Everest Base Camp trek, and if you’re not already tired about hearing about it, you may want to give it a look. It’s a different take from the twice-weekly articles I wrote over at Gadling, and personally I think it turned out very well. The JPFreek editors also did a great job incorporating my photos into the story as well, and the layout looks fantastic. They really do make me look good over there. 🙂 I supplemented that story with another one on the gear that I used on the trip as well, and all in all the whole thing turned out very nicely.

Other stories in this issue include a story about a trip along the Log Corral Trail, how to handle backcountry emergencies, and and a host of tips for Jeep owners, including a sneak peek at the new 2011 Grand Cherokee. Give a look, you’ll find a little something for just about everyone. And while you’re at it, check out the newly redesigned website as well.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “JPFreek Summer Issue Is Now Available”

  1. Just wondering what Jeeps have to do with the Everest Base Camp trek. If there were roads with cars for the trek to Everest, the trek would be ruined and the area changed forever. I'm interested in the trek because it is remote and a bit hard to reach. With autos and roads, obviously any lazy American with a sufficient amount of money could go pollute the Khumbu in a hired SUV.

  2. Josh: You can't take a Jeep up the Khumbu, it isn't at all possible. Foot traffic only, although you can go to BC on the North Side by car.

    JPFreek Magazine is Jeep centric for sure, but it is also an outdoor adventure magazine in general too.

  3. Yes I realize you can't go to the Everest Base camp on the south side by car. That's why I was wondering why the article appeared in the auto magazine.

  4. Hey Josh,

    JPFreek is an adventure lifestyle publication and not just an "auto" publication. What makes our publication unique from any other "Jeep" magazine is our focus on the adventure lifestyle and incorporating Jeep vehicles in much of what we do. Everyone on our staff is an avid outdoor adventurer and while taking a Jeep up to Everest BC would be ridiculous and unheard of, the trek itself is very much what we're all about: fun and responsible outdoor adventure.

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