Nutrition and What To Eat On Prolonged Expeditions

mikael lagar mat loita

Mikael Strandberg made another post to his Explorer Blog over at the Wide World Magazine website a few days back, this time sharing a lot of insight and information on his nutritional habits while on a prolonged expedition. A few weeks back, Mikael shared his list of the ten essential pieces of gear he would take on any arctic expedition and his latest entry offers even more insights for would be explorers or even armchair adventurers, who want to know just how these guys feed themselves while out on the trail.

If anyone has experience in this department, it is Mikael, who has been on a number of long distance expeditions in far flung places across the globe, ranging from Africa to South America to New Zealand, and beyond. Those expeditions have taught him a thing or two about the importance of good nutrition and getting plenty of calories while traveling, and he shares those insights here.
For instance, Mikael recommends that you bulk up with some extra weight before setting off, as you’ll be burning plenty of calories on your adventure. He also says that you’ll usually be too tired to want to hunt and fish much while trekking, and even preparing complicated meals can be exhausting at the end of a long day. Instead, he recommends taking freeze dried foods that are quick, easy, and tasty all at the same time. He highly recommends the dried moose filet, by the way.
Other items of interest include the gear he took to hunt and fish while on his 2004-2005 expedition through Siberia’s Kolyma River region, his thoughts on the one tool he’d bring with him for hunting/fishing purposes (a knife!), and the ways that we can connect with indigenous people while traveling through remote places. Mikael even shares his favorite foods to bring along which include dried moose heart and dried fish. 
Much like his last entry on essential polar gear, this one is filled with good insights for anyone who wonders how these explorers feed themselves. Interesting stuff from a guy who knows how to survive, and eat well, while in the wild. 
Kraig Becker