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I’m extremely happy and excited to report that I have begun contributing to the wonderful Australian outdoor/adventure magazine Outer Edge. It is a top notch publication that focuses on all the things that regular readers of the Adventure Blog love, including climbing, adventure racing, kayaking, and much more.

My first regular column appeared in the latest issue of the magazine, with me weighing in on my thoughts about the young adventurers who have been so prominent lately. Young men and women like Jessica Watson, who sailed around the world solo at the age of 16 and 13-year old Jordan Romero who summitted Everest this past spring. 
Regular readers here already know where I stand on the issues, but as I wrote that article, a real life drama was unfolding in the Indian Ocean, where Abby Sunderland was waiting to be rescued. In fact, as I put the finishing touches on the story, it was unclear what her status was, and I had to edit some of it as the situation resolved itself. Thankfully, the outcome of that particular rescue operation had a happy ending, but it didn’t impact my thoughts too much. I still think that many of these young men and women are not prepared to undertake some of these journeys, and eventually it’s going to end badly. 
But that’s not the point of this post, and I’ve shared those thoughts a number of times already. I do want to thank the fine folks at Outer Edge for asking me to contribute and I look forward to being part of the team moving forward. I’m already working on my next article and I hope all my friends down in Oz enjoy my contributions to an already great magazine. Now, I just need to head back to Australia on a regular basis to stay in touch with my audience. Because I need excuses to head back to Australia. Love it there!
Kraig Becker

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