Paddling From Seattle to San Diego


Long distance paddler Margo Pellegrino has just set out on a journey in her outrigger canoe that will take her from Seattle to San Diego with the hope of raising awareness about the health of our oceans. 

The journey actually began a few days back, on July 3rd, and she has been making steady progress ever since. On July 5th she was heading out into the Pacific, and although her blog hasn’t been updated since then, her online tracking system seems to be working fine. She has now moved out of Juan De Fuca Strait and into the Pacific Ocean itself. She’s now turned South and has begun the real challenge of the journey, namely covering 3500 miles of coastline. 

Margo points out that the general health or our planet is directly connected to the oceans themselves, and that we all can contribute to making things better, even if it is a seemingly small act. A lot of small actions leads to big changes. That is the message she’ll be delivering as she makes her journey, stopping in major towns and cities along the way. 

This seems like a pretty great trip to make by canoe, although the northern part of the trip would be more interesting to me than the southern end, as she nears San Diego. She’s delivering a good message too. I hope this gets lots of attention.

Thanks to the Hardwear Sessons Blog for the tip. 

Kraig Becker

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  1. Wow. Paddling from Seattle to San Diego, that is very impressive. Good for her making this trip to do something for herself while trying to send her message to anyone who is listening. This world supported live for billions of years, the least we can do is clean her ocean a little bit. Like said in the article a lot of small efforts turns into a big difference. If everyone does there part this world would be that much better. Not only the ocean, but all aspects of nature should be taken care of.

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