Paddling South Korea

Five 2 Nine Productions produces a regular series of videos called Currents that it uses to educate viewers about various rivers and waterways from around the world. In their  most recent video, they pay a visit to South Korea, a country that has more than its fair share of rivers, but according to the video, all but one of them has been dammed, most many times. In fact, Five 2 Nine reports that although the country is roughly the same size as the state of Indiana, but has more than 18,000 dams. To make matters worse, the rivers there are so contaminated, they can’t even be used for agriculture.

But, the country has a comprehensive plan for moving forward, and opening up those waterways. Known as the Four Major Rivers Restoration Project, this plan is likely to have a dramatic and indelible impact on the people of South Korea. This video shares details of the plan and how the country hopes it will aid them moving forward. It also has some great shots of the kayaking there as well.

Thanks to Canoe & Kayak for the tip!

Currents – Episode 4 – South Korea from Five 2 Nine Productions on Vimeo.

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