Plastiki Project Completes Pacific Journey


The crew of the Plastiki, the boat that was built almost entirely out of 12,500 recycled bottles, has completed its voyage across the Pacific, arriving in Sydney, Australia today. The ship set sail from San Francisco back in March, and now, 130 days and 8000 nautical miles later, the journey is done.

The ship, and the entire project, is the brain child of environmentalist David de Rothschild, the founder of Adventure Ecology. He came up with the concept more than four years ago, and after going through all the planning and design phases, it was the realization of a dream to see the ship set sail at long last.

The voyage was made to help raise awareness of the impact of plastic, and other man made elements, on the environment. Along the way, the Plastiki and her crew paid a visit to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a section of ocean the size of Texas where garbage from around the world has collected and created one giant mess of plastic and other junk.

Joining de Rothschild on the four month long journey were Skipper Jo Royle, Co-Skipper David Thomson, Olav Heyerdahl, Graham Hill, Luca Babini, Matthew Grey, Max Jourdan, Singeli Agnew and Vern Moen. Each was an integral part of the crew with several members working on putting together a film of the journey. It should be a interesting one to watch once it is complete, as I’m sure it’ll have quite the commentary on health of our oceans.

Congrats to the entire crew of the Plastiki for completing the voyage. Well done!

Kraig Becker