Rock Climbing in South Dakota

Last year I had the pleasure of going to South Dakota for Primal Quest and had a great time playing in the Black Hills and Badlands. I was especially impressed with the great hiking, camping, and mountain biking opportunities in the state, with plenty of scenic backcountry to explore just a short drive in any direction from Rapid City.

By virtue of having been chosen to host Primal Quest, I knew SD had to be a great destination for all of those activities. But what I didn’t realize prior to going there was how great the rock climbing was as well. We set up a spectacular climbing course for the race, designed by climbing legend Jay Smith, and many of the teams noted that it was not only their favorite part of the race, but also the best climbing routes they had ever done. The video below captures some of what it is like to climb in the region.

Summer is slipping away quickly, but if you’re still looking to make a great outdoor trip this year, definitely consider going to South Dakota. It’ll definitely be worth your visit.

Thanks to April for sharing the video with me.

Kraig Becker