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Last week I read about a disturbing decision by the Tanzanian government in which they have approved the creation of a new highway that will cross through the Serengeti National Park, and could potentially disrupt the ecosystem there, including the annual Great Migration in which hundreds of thousands of zebras, wildebeests, buffaloes, and other animals travel between grazing grounds.

Fortunately, there is a movement afoot to try to block the construction of the road, and possibly find an alternate route. The Save the Serengeti initiative is made up of a number of organizations that are expressing their concern over health of the iconic African plains, and they have created an online petition in which we can add our voices to those concerns as well.

For their part, the Tanzanian government says that the new road is vital and necessary for the growth of the economy and continued expansion of commercial shipping and other needs. They believe that the road will have little impact on the Serengeti, which is a World Heritage Site renowned for its diverse wildlife, some of which exist no where else on Earth.

Having visited the Serengeti a few years back, I can say that it remains one of my most favorite places ever. The thought of a highway running through the place seems unthinkable to me. While I was there, the Serengeti lived up to its name, which means “the endless plains”, as it seemed to roll on for miles and miles in all direction. Every where you looked there was some new and interesting animal to watch as well, with lion, hyenas, leopards, elephants, giraffes, and so much more. It is indeed a magical place, and one that I hope remains unchanged by modern developments. Needless to say, I have already signed the petition.

Kraig Becker

7 thoughts on “Save The Serengeti!”

  1. It seems to me if economic benefit or support of poverty ridden local peoples are the principle issues, I am sure there are millions of prospective donors who would glad contribute to preserve the threatened area.

  2. I also say no to a new highway that will negatively impact the Serengeti migration and have posted according on our website.

    Stefan Swanepoel
    Author: Surviving Your Serengeti

  3. We will stand up for the Serengeti as long as we live. I also call upon every conscious person to join hands so that the road does not touch even the Loliondo Game controlled area because the wildebeests also pass through that area every November.

  4. By all means possible we shall make sure that the highway will never be constructed. There is no way we can allow some thing like that to happen to the Serengeti National Park.

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