Steps To The Summit – Step 16: Personal Space

The message of today’s edition of Steps to the Summit is a very simple one. Sometimes we become so focused on chasing our goals that we can get overwhelmed with all of the things going on around us. There are lots of distractions and we all have to juggle a variety of elements in our lives, and that can lead to us not being able to stay focused on our goal. But in today’s video we’re advised to find our own personal space, to get away from all of the chaos that can erupt around us, and forget about those distractions, including the goal itself.

Expedition Hanesbrands team leader Jamie Clarke says that his escape is going for a run, something that I can complete relate to, but he encourages us all to find what works for us personally. For some people it might be spending an hour listening to soothing music. For others, it might be going for a swim. Whatever it is, it’ll help you to relax, refocus, and continue on towards the goal.

Kraig Becker