Steps To The Summit – Step 20: Who Are Your Sherpas?

Today we have another great edition to the Steps to the Summit series from Expedition Hanesbrands, and this one may be my favorite yet. In this video, team leader Jamie Clarke tells us that we need to find our Sherpas, our guides and assistants that help us to reach our goals. But finding those people isn’t always easy, and in order to connect with our Sherpas, we need to have the courage to share our goal and ask for help.Β But perhaps most importantly, we have to be willing to be Sherpas ourselves. We have to be willing to learn what kind of goals others in our lives have and we have to ask them how we can help and support them in achieving that goal.

We may just find that there is a lot of reward in being a Sherpa for someone else, and helping them reach the summit of their Everest.

Kraig Becker