Walking The Amazon Update: Not Done Yet, Not Getting Any Easier

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It has been awhile since we checked in with Ed Stafford and Cho Sanchez on their Walking the Amazon Expedition, but as they get closer to the end of the journey, I thought that it was time for a bit of an update. As you probably remember, the two men are attempting to become the first to ever hike the length of the Amazon River, with Ed getting things started a few years back, and Cho joining him a bit later on.

They’ve now been in the field a total of 834 days, and they are hoping to finish up sometime in August, and although they are nearing the completion of this epic adventure, things are far from easier. For instance, I only have to point to the latest entry on the expedition’s blog as an example.

It seems that this past weekend, the Ed and Cho were making their way through the jungle, headed towards their next destination, when they discovered that they were a bit off path, and their trail turned into a nasty trek through the swamp. At one point, Ed wanted to turn back, but Cho thought it best to press forward, and they ended up spending one of the longest, and most difficult, days of the expedition so far. And as night began to fall, and they still hadn’t cleared the bog, it began to rain, making an already miserable day all that much worse.

The blog entry gives a bit of a glimpse into what it is like in the “Green Hell” when things start to go sour. It also shows how two people on an expedition together can get on each others nerves after awhile. It’s a natural thing. But fortunately for these two, it doesn’t last long, and the two are back to working together soon. In this case, it didn’t hurt that they were able to find a house on stilts that gave them a warm and dry place to stay for the night.

If all of this sounds bad, be sure to check out Ed’s video in which he tries to kill a botfly that has decided to take up residence in his head. That’s life in the Amazon folks!

The Botfly Living in Ed Stafford’s Head from Walking the Amazon Videos on Vimeo.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with the other post. This is a fun one to follow. I was in the Amazon a few months ago and know how rough it can be. Ed has really taken on a monumental task.

  2. I was there last year Bear, and I agree with you. So incredible. We hiked a bit in the jungle and it was enough to give me an appreciation of what he is going through. Can't even imagine doing this for 850+ days.

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