Want To Lead An Expedition Along The Skeleton Coast?


I caught this story this morning over at ExWeb and thought it was worth sharing. A team of explorers who are planning to trek along the Skeleton Coast of Namibia are in need of an experienced leader to join the team. It seems that the group’s original leader was forced to withdraw due to “unforeseen circumstances” and as a result, they’re now searching for a replacement.

The expedition is expected to take place in October/November of this year, with the plan of trekking for more than 300 miles, unsupported, down the remote and desolate Skeleton Coast. The team will face miles of open desert on one side and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean on the other, with wild animals, giant sand dunes, and a lack of fresh drinking water all offering challenges to their safety. The plan is to use manual desalination tools to collect their water, and the team is expecting to pump water for as much as five hours a day. They’ll also spend eight hours a day hiking the route, with the hope of finishing in approximately 16 days.

If you have experiencing leading such an expedition, have knowledge of the African landscapes and wildlife, and know how to handle a firearm, then the team wants to hear from you. Contact them on their website, SkeletonCoastExpedition.com to inquire about joining the team.

And if you’re interested in joining a future trek along the Skeleton Coast, then click here. They’re already in the early stages of planning their next expedition to the Namib Desert, and they’re looking for adventurous people to join the team. Sign me up please!

Kraig Becker