Yukon River Quest Race Report From Robyn Benincasa

The Yukon River Quest took place a few weeks back, with dozens of top endurance paddlers descending on Whitehorse, in the Canadian Yukon, to make the 460 mile run along the Yukon River to Dawson City. The annual event is one of the top paddling races of the year, offering up plenty of great competition and spectacular scenery, along one of North America’s best river ways.

Racing in this year’s event was Robyn Benincasa, one of the best adventure racers and endurance athletes around. Robyn has filed an excellent race report over at Adventure World Magazine in which she talks about her own win in the women’s solo category, as well as the impressive showing from the rest of her Merrell/Akali teammates.

Robyn does a great job of sharing what it is like to sit in the cockpit of kayak for more than two days (her winning time was officially 51 hours, 43 minutes), while managing your eating schedule, staying focused on paddling, and trying not to get to cramped up in a boat she had rented the day before the race. Nothing she hasn’t seen before however, as she is one of the most decorated adventure racers in history.

In the end, Robyn says she may have found a new sport that calls to her adventurous spirit, and obviously she’s off to a great start, winning the first endurance paddle she entered. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it’s easier on the hips than Primal Quest, huh Robyn? 😉

Kraig Becker