5000 Mile Cycling Tour Comes To North America

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I wrote about this over at Gadling this morning, but wanted to share here as well. Tour d’Afrique Ltd, the good folks behind some of the best long distance, epic cycling tours in the world, are launching a new one, and this time it’s going to take place in North America.

The just announced North American Epic will send cyclists on a 4970 mile odyssey from the Pacific Coast of the U.S. to the Atlantic Coast of Canada, on what is sure to be a spectacular ride for those lucky enough to take part in it. The tour begins on May 29 of next year in San Francisco, and ends on August 28th in St. John’s, Newfoundland. In between the riders will take on the deserts of the American Southwest, the Rocky Mountains, the wide-open plains of the Midwest and the Great Lakes Region, before crossing over into Canada. Once there, they’ll cycle through Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, and New Brunswick on their way to the northeastern corner of the country, ending at the Atlantic Ocean.

The numbers for this cycling tour are quite staggering. The participants in the full event  will spend 76 in the saddle and another 16 days on rest days. They’ll pass through large metropolises as well as small towns, giving them the chance to experience life in North America on a variety of levels.

The three month long journey will cost $9950, but as with all of the their cycling tours, Tour d’Afrique Ltd. also offers options to take part in shorter segments of the ride, allowing those on a limited schedule to take part in the sections that most interest them.

I’m a huge fan of what this adventure travel company does, and I would absolutely love to take part in their flagship event, the Tour d’Afrique. But for those who would like something a bit less exotic and probably a bit more comfortable, this is a great option, and a fantastic way to see the U.S. and Canada.

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  1. I totally agree Elana, and the folks that organize the tour take care of all your gear, so all you have to do is ride. Perfect way to spend a summer, don't you think?

    I want to do the Tour d'Afrique so badly!

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