Currents – Episode 5: The Ottawa River

Keener On Big Smoothie

A few weeks back I wrote about an online video web series called Currents from Five 2 Nine Productions, that seeks to educate the public about various issues that rivers from around the globe are facing, as we struggle to be good stewards of the environment and protect those important waterways for generations to come. The series uses beautifully shot images of those environments, mixed with some great whitewater kayaking action, to get their message across. That first video was a fascinating one that took a look at how extensive damming was having an effect on the rivers of South Korea.

The latest episode of Currents was released over the weekend, this time focusing on the Ottawa River and the fantastic Keener Program at the Ottawa Kayak School. In the Keener Program, young people from all over the world come to Ottawa to learn how to kayak, but also gain a respect and understanding of the importance of rivers and how we should protect them. They become ambassadors of the sport of paddling, but also stewardship of the river as well. It seems like a really great opportunity for the kids in the program to gain great paddling skills while also earning a healthy respect for the waterways.

Currents – Episode 5 – The Ottawa River from Five 2 Nine Productions on Vimeo.

Kraig Becker