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In the past few months I’ve mentioned on more than one occasion that I had jumped into the minimalist/barefoot running craze thanks to my friends over at hooking me up with a pair of Bikila shoes from Vibram. Over the past two months, I’ve been slowly converting over to this style of running, and finding it very refreshing and liberating. I’m currently doing anything under 4 miles in length in my FiveFinger shoes, and anything longer than that I’m still in my traditional running shoes for now.

Today, the Gear Junkie wrote about the barefoot running craze, sharing his thoughts on what he calls one of “the more unexpected recreational trends of our time.” As he puts it, shoe companies have spent millions of dollars developing durable, comfortable, and distinct running shoes, and now many of them are reversing the trend and going with the minimalist style. Vibram isn’t the only company that is doing this, as Innov-8, Newton, IceBug and more.

GJ admits that he’s a convert and I have to agree with his reasoning. He says that for him, the change in stride that you make when you transition to barefoot running results in “a quicker stride cadence, less heel striking, less ankle movement, and a faster pace.” While I’m not positive on the faster pace just yet, I will agree with the rest of his statement, and when he goes on to say that he just plain feels lighter on his feet in these minimalist shoes. That is definitely something that I can relate to in the short time that I’ve been wearing them. I’ve also said it before, but will reiterate it anyway, my shoes make me feel more connected to the Earth while I’m running. I know that sounds weird, but it’s true, and when I run in the rain wearing them, it is a very relaxing experience.

I know that whenever I’ve mentioned minimalist shoes/running in the past I’ve received a number of questions and e-mails. While I’m not quite the convert that the Gear Junkie is just yet, I’m happy to answer anything you’d like to know. Drop me a note if you have a question.

Kraig Becker

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  1. I haven't tried them in the mountains, but imagine they would be just fine once you adapt to the different approach/style. Some of the minimalist shoes are specifically designed for trails as well.

  2. I have a pair of Bikila and I use it mainly for jogging and sometimes when I'm on the beach, I wear it as an aqua shoes. In fact, I just modified it with colors. Check out and see my personalized Bikila here.

  3. This one is more stylists that the one I saw from the other site. Wow! The generation of hiking now is becoming more and more fashionable. I like that. Now I am convinced that hiking can be fashionable too.

  4. This is innovation! Man always invents the best of things and man never stops improving things. I think this is a great improvement because from the looks of that picture, it looks lightweight and really comfy.

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