George Dunn Nabs 500th Summit of Rainier

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Major congratulations going out to climber and guide George Dunn, who claimed his 500th successful summit of Mt. Rainier last Saturday, topping out at ten minutes after six in the morning. He was accompanied by his wife Nancy and his son Jeremy on this milestone trek. It was Jeremy’s first time to the summit.

Located in the state of Washington, the 14,411 foot tall Rainier is one of the most coveted climbing in the U.S. Dunn has been leading others to the summit since 1975, and it is estimated that he has led over 10,000 people to the top. According to the Daily Dirt Blog over at, 500 trips up Rainier is the equivalent of 9000 hiking miles and 4.5 million vertical feet.

As you can probably imagine, George holds the record for most summits on the mountain, with his friend and partner, Phil Ershler holding down second place with a mere 440 summits. The two men, along with mountaineer Eric Simonson, serve as co-directors for International Mountain Guides, one of the top guide services in the world.

Well done George. That is a lot of climbing!

Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “George Dunn Nabs 500th Summit of Rainier”

  1. That is a cold adventure…You are the best guys…I admire all of you…very strong mind and spirit…:D

  2. Question-

    500 ascents of Rainier? 500 exactly?

    But, 14th paragraph of below article,
    "He doesn't remember for sure the year of his first climb. He figures it was in 1969, when he was a student at Renton High School."

    Not only doesn't he remember the date (month and day), he doesn't even remember the year.

    How could he start his counting of his 500 climbs if he doesn't remember the month, day, or year of it?
    "Dunn climbed Rainier for the first time in the late 1960s, while attending Renton High."

    If he was counting his climbs, he would have the day and date, or at the very least, the year.
    "It means 4.5 million vertical feet and 9,000 miles of climbing"

    Not true. As The News Tribune has reported many times (i'll look for the link),
    the RMI guides and other guides count a full ascent to be a climb from Camp Muir (10,000') to the summit 14,411', over 4.5 miles.

    This is a 1/2 ascent in fact. They fudge their "ascents". Mike Gauthier has even claimed Rangers have done 3+ ascents in one day, meaning from Camp Muir to the Summit. And not only this. Not to the true summit. Instead, the first crater rim. Far from the true summit.

    Fudged data for false claims.

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