Rebecca Rusch Shares Her Leadville 100 Experience

Last Friday we had a video from Specialized rider Todd Wells, who shared his thoughts on the recently completed Leadville 100 mountain bike race. Today, we get a different perspective from another rider, sponsored by Specialized in the form of two-time defending Leadville champ Rebecca Rusch, who has earned the moniker β€œthe Queen of Pain” thanks to her ability to suffer while racing.

Some of the best parts of this video for me were watching Rebecca go through her pre-race preparations, getting her food ready, going through the medical check, and so on. Before the race got underway, she mentioned that she would like to go after the course record, but everything would have to come together perfectly for that to happen. When she crossed the finish line for her second straight title, in just two tries, she ended up smashing the old record by more than 30 minutes.

Kraig Becker