Run Kenya Update: Halfway Done

kenya map6

The Trans-Kalahari Adventure Run across Botswana got underway last weekend, but they’re not the only ones making an epic run across parts of Africa. The Run Kenya expedition, which I told you about back in July, is well underway as well, with endurance athlete Chris Rhys Howarth now about halfway through his planned course.

Chris, who is running to raise awareness of the plight of street children not only in Kenya, but the world over, got underway on the the 15th of July, and according to the most recent update to his blog, he has now passed through Embu, in the heart of the African country. He began the 1100 mile run, which is expected to take approximately seven weeks to complete, in Busia on the border of Uganda, and has since run through a number of smaller cities, while looping around Mt. Meru, and is currently en route to Nairobi. Once through that city, he’ll turn southeast towards Mombasa, the final destination, along a very desolate and challenging leg that will be an even bigger challenge than Chris has faced thus far.

So far, Chris is actually running a bit ahead of schedule, and he is managing to run as much as 100km (62 miles) in a single day. That is his high mark however, with 60-70km days being more common. Those are very impressive numbers all around considering most of us don’t even drive 62 miles in any given day.

Chris’ blog posts from the road have been infrequent, but interesting to read when he does send them. It is likely that they will be even more infrequent once he begins the leg to Mombasa, but that should be an interesting story to read. I hope when he’s done he posts a detailed account of this amazing journey.

Kraig Becker