Steps to the Summit – Step 28: Biggest Obstacle

Today’s Step to the Summit is the second to last in the web series that has been brought to us by Expedition Hanesbrand. The series was produced and released as the team prepared to head to Everest to test out a host of new gear, and along the way they have shared a lot of insights into what it takes to accomplish a major goal, whether it is climbing to the summit of a Himalayan peak or some other other daunting task.

In this episode, team leader Jamie Clarke talks about the obstacles that get in our way when pursuing our goals. For instance, when climbing Everest you have a number of obstacles that range from the obvious, such as crossing the icefalls or dealing with wind and weather, to the not so obvious, including having to get permits, organize gear, and so on. But often times the biggest obstacles are the ones that are inside of us, including fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Overcoming those obstacles prepares us for reaching that goal, and occasionally we have to remind ourselves that we are equipped to over come them and continue on our journey.

Kraig Becker