Walking The Amazon Update: “Job Done”

the hot long road to belem2

We’re still awaiting an update to the Walking the Amazon website and blog this morning, but according to the Expedition’s Twitter feed, Ed and Cho reached the Atlantic Ocean this morning, bringing an end to their amazing journey. The Twitter update had this to say:

“Job done. 28 months and Cho and I have finished walking the Amazon. I always knew it was possible. 🙂 Blog/images in a couple of hours….”

The expedition began back on April 2nd of 2008, and now, 4000 miles and 859 days later, it is finally over. It has been a very long and grueling, trek for Ed, who has now walked the entire length of the Amazon River, from source to mouth. The past few days haven’t been easy ones however, as the two men were walking long hours in hopes of reaching the finish line at dawn today. Completing the journey was in doubt even to the very end, as Ed even collapsed unconscious on the side of the road yesterday. Help arrived quickly, and he was taken to a hotel, where he was able to regain his strength and get some rest. Apparently it was the result of exhaustion, and after a few hours rest, he returned to the point of the collapse and continued on to the end.

While I’m sure the two Amazon Walkers are relieved that their trek is finally complete, it’ll probably be some time before reality actually sets in.  They’ll need time to reflect on what they’ve accomplished and re-integrate themselves into normal life. I have a feeling that might be a bumpy re-entry.

Major congratulations to both Ed and Cho for completing the expedition at long last. I can’t wait to hear more about their story and see the images of them arriving at the sea. I’ll post more when we know more.

Kraig Becker