10 Best Secret Scuba Destinations

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I’m not a scuba diver, at least not yet, but I know a number of readers who really enjoy it. For those who enjoy their adventures beneath the ocean, Wide World Magazine has a great article just for you, offering up their selection for the ten best undiscovered scuba spots.

The gist of the article is a simple one. We all know what the best dive spots in the world, such as the Great Barrier Reef, the Blue Hole, and so on. But this list gives us a look at some of the best dive spots in the world that hardly anyone knows about. The list contains something for everyone, offering dives in a variety of types of water and mixing in reefs, wrecks, and more.

Some of the locations that make the cut include Spitsbergen in Norway, where divers have the opportunity to encounter whales and walruses, and Pemba, Tanzania, in which offers everything from reef diving on one side to challenge drift diving on the other. One site, Port Sudan out of the Sudan, can only be reached by a single flight a week, but offers amazing wreck diving, including a ship that went down with a load of Toyota vehicles onboard. Wild!

Reading about these amazing sites makes me only want to get certified all the more. If you’ve already gone through certification however, you better start booking your tickets. With Wide World sharing these secrets, it won’t be long until the word is out.

Kraig Becker

4 thoughts on “10 Best Secret Scuba Destinations”

  1. I can't wait to show this post to my husband. He's been certified over a year, but we live in land-locked Missouri – so far from the good stuff. At least this will give him some great ideas on what to save for!

  2. Hmmm, nearly all of those are pretty well known in the scuba world; certainly wouldn't call them undiscovered. I was hoping for a truly exotic list. But that would be telling.

  3. Don't mean to brag about it, but one of the " undiscovered " best places for scuba diving happens to be in my home state Washington – best cold water diving…at least in US.

  4. Get certified! hehehe and go to Sipadan, located in the Celebes Sea off the east coast of Sabah, East Malaysia!

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