Alaska-Yukon Expedition: How The Journey Changed The Man

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It’s been several weeks since Andrew Skurka finished up his Alaska-Yukon Expedition that saw him covering more than 4700 miles of remote backcountry over the course of six months in the field. The trek was just another major adventure for a guy who has become the poster child for long distance hiking, but that doesn’t mean that Andrew didn’t learn a few things along the way.

Andrew has continued his debrief of the expedition over at the National Geographic Adventure Blog, posting a story yesterday on just how the journey changed him. Specifically, he names three ways that he feels that he has changed, both as a long distance hiker and as a person, because of this hike. Those include  learning to use finesse over force when traveling through the backcountry, applying environmental knowledge to help make his journey easier and safer, and perhaps most importantly, he learned about humility.

Skurka goes into more detail of each point in his article, giving more insights and examples, as to how those three changes impacted the journey and how they’ll aid him in his future endeavors as well. It’s quite an interesting read, especially coming from a guy who has spent a lot of time in the wilderness.

Kraig Becker