Any Teachers Want To Explore The Arctic In 2011/2012?


PolarTREC, an organization that works to give K12 teachers an opportunity to conduct research in the field while helping to distribute curriculum to classrooms, is looking for a few adventurous educators to join them in conducting arctic research in the next couple of years.  

The organization is currently looking for 12 individuals who are interested in going to the Arctic in 2011 or the Antarctic in 2011-2012. If selected, those teachers will assist in the research process on varying levels and will be asked to share their experience with others on their return. More details, including the application form, can be found by clicking here. If you’re interested, you won’t want to wait to apply. The deadline for submittal is October 1st!

Thanks to Richard Byrne for sharing this information with me and writing about it here in his own blog. Well, I’m being polite when I say thanks for sharing, because not being a teacher myself, I suspect Richard was actually just taunting me. 😉 (Just kidding! Good luck Richard, I hope you get picked!)
I knew I should have gotten that education degree!
Kraig Becker

5 thoughts on “Any Teachers Want To Explore The Arctic In 2011/2012?”

  1. After this year… I may be willing to take on the arctic instead of 28 five year olds. Might be easier. Yes… you should have gotten that ed degree. We're paid so much better than you. HAHAHAHA.

  2. Interpid Travel offers trips to Antarctica for a "mere" $5260 per person…
    I think it's getting more and more affordable.

    Also, a year ago I saw a post on Craigslist in "jobs" section- "Janitor positions" working at one of those research stations… What'd you think true or scam ?

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