CheapTents.Com Interviews Andrew Skurka

aboutskurka has posted an interview on their blog with long distance hiker Andrew Skurka, who just finished his six month long, 4700 mile Alaska-Yukon Expedition. The epic trek, which passed through multiple national parks in both the U.S. and Canada, traversed both the Alaska and Brooks mountain ranges, while passing through some of the most pristine and remote wilderness in North America.

In the interview, Andrew touches on such topics as his inspirations for these long distance treks, how he deals with solitude on the trail (Hint: it isn’t an issue!), and which section delivered the best scenery on the expedition. He also offers some thoughts on gear, route planning, as well as his training for these kinds of journeys. Andrew even gives us an interesting tip on how to make your own cook stove out of a can of cat food!

I want to thank the writers of the CheapTents Blog for allowing me to participate a bit in this interview. They were kind enough to allow me to submit three questions of my own (I’m not saying which ones were mine!) and they even kept them in the final draft! This interview only adds to the quality posts that they are making over there, including an interview with long distance hiker Samuel H. Gardner that I linked to last week. Keep up the great work guys and thanks again for allowing me to have a little input on this one.

Kraig Becker

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