Contour Updates Helmet Cam With GPS Functionality

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Contour has announced an all new helmet cam for their line-up that integrates GPS functionality for the first time. Dubbed the ContourGPS, the integrated global positioning sensor built into the camera will track the users position on the planet, as well as speed and elevation, while capturing on their exploits in stunning 1080p HD video.

This helmet cam will also connect with a newly updated Contour video community site, adding the ability to share your locations and movements right alongside the videos. The system is built on Google Maps which will embed a map next to the video footage that displays all the GPS information as the footage plays out.

This is kind of cool technology, although you’ll want to turn it off when you don’t want to give away the location of your favorite trail. The price for the new GPS enabled Contour is $349.

I got my hands on the ContourHD awhile back, and I’ve been playing with it lately to prepare for a full review. So far I really dig it, and its ruggedized construction is a great for active pursuits where you might do something that could damage it, i.e.: my mountain biking rides that generally lead to some crashes. I haven’t had time to edit the footage together yet so you can get a sense of how it looks, but I’m quite impressed with the performance and features of the camera.

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Kraig Becker

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  1. Nice video Alan! I like the quality of the video as well, but not when it captures me crashing on my bike for the entire world to see. 😉

    Maybe I'll edit that part out, but probably not! 🙂

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