Death Valley Round II: Todd Headed Home, Death Valley Wins Again


Rough new from Todd Carmichael’s home team this morning as the explorer has been forced to call it quits on his second attempt to trek solo across Death Valley. This time it was continued equipment failure that brought the expedition down.

According to the latest dispatch from his site, Todd has covered more than 80 miles on his journey, enduring 110ºF days, while dragging nearly 500 pounds worth of gear, water, and other supplies behind him in his specially designed cart. That cart, which he refers to a “the Pig,” was suppose to be his lifeline for getting across the desert, but it was also his biggest cause for frustration. Apparently, Todd has exhausted his supply of spare tires, and all of the ones that he’s been carrying with him are now beyond repair. Without good tires, the Pig goes nowhere.

This was Todd’s second attempt to cross Death Vally solo and unassisted. Last year he was forced to abandon the expedition due to problems with the cart and the incredibly rugged conditions. This year, he returned with a renewed enthusiasm and a redesigned Pig that he hoped would endure the hardships of the journey better, unfortunately that wasn’t the case.

This morning’s dispatch says that Todd is disappointed that he once again won’t be able to reach the finish line, but that he is already planning ahead for next year. It sounds like Death Valley hasn’t heard the last of Todd Carmichael. We’ll look forward to Round III next year.

Kraig Becker