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Adventure travelers are always looking for new ideas and new ways to book their next escape, and a new website called has been designed from the ground up to assist in that process. The site allows you to search by a variety of categories, including destinations, activities, price, level of difficulty and so on. With that criteria set, AvidTrips will present a list of tour operators that can provide you the experience you are looking for in some of the best locations on the planet.

The interface on the site is slick and easy to use, offering up quite a bit of customization at your fingertips. There are also quite a few tour operators in the system already too, which means you’l have some good options when you decide on your next destination. The database that the site draws from is still being populated with more options and countries however, so if you have your heart set on a specific place, there is a chance it might not be available just yet.

AvidTrips has also launched a nice blog as well, with some great stories on exotic destinations from around the globe, each of which they offer access to. The editors of the site have also asked me to contribute some gear reviews and you’ll find some of my own writing appearing there as well. The team behind the site is dedicated to improving it and providing more information for readers, and it looks like AvidTrips will be a great all-around tool for adventure travelers both now and into the future. I’m happy to play a small role in adding some content to the site.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Nice website. Thanks for the tip. When I first saw Avid, I thought this post was about Avid Media Composer. 😀 PS: I am so into buying computers and video editing programs these days. 😀

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