Learn To Live The Adventure Lifestyle at FEAT


Back in July I told you about an upcoming event in South Africa called FEAT which promises to be “the ultimate armchair adventure experience.” The acronym stands for Fascinating Expedition and Adventure Talks, and with a line-up that includes mountaineers, ocean rowers, and long distance trekkers, all from South Africa, it promises to be a very interesting evening to say the least.

FEAT is scheduled to take place on Thursday, October 7, at the Wits Theatre in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, which means that it is now just four weeks away. On the docket are 12 fantastic adventurers, each of whom will have seven minutes to share their story, which is part of what gives this event a unique appeal. The presentations will have to be tightly focused and offer a clear message if they are going to achieve their goals in the allotted time frame.

One of the key message for the evening will be about how modern day explorers can get sponsored and fund their adventurous lifestyle, which can be a tricky proposition in this day and age. Mountaineer and polar explorer Alex Harris will be on hand to discuss making a career out of adventure, while Julian Dallamore, a corporate Brand Manager, will give hints on how to appeal to corporate sponsors. Similarly, adventurer Ray Chaplin will offer his insights on how to handle media relations and the technologies used to stay in contact from the field.

I was already jealous of those that were able to attend FEAT when I originally wrote about the event, but hearing about this topic of discussion makes me want to go all the more. This is shaping up to be a fantastic evening and a real opportunity to get to meet some great adventurers first hand.

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Kraig Becker