Register Early For 2011 Summit For Someone Climbs

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Big City Mountaineers has announced that early registration is now open for their Summit For Someone program, giving us all the opportunity to take part in some amazing climbs in 2011, while also giving something back in the process.

For those who aren’t familiar with BCM, it is a non-profit organization that helps urban youth to boost self esteem, confidence, and their communication skills through outdoor adventures. Many of these kids may not ever get a chance to explore the great outdoors without the BCM program, which does great things for hundreds of children each year.

One of the major funding sources for the Big City Mountaineers is the Summit For Someone program, which gives adventure travelers and climbers an opportunity to take on some iconic peaks, while also helping to raise funds for BCM. Climbers simply select a peak from the list of SFS expeditions, and join the team that will be going for the summit in 2011. By doing so, they also pledge to raise funds that go directly to the BCM projects and the kids that they serve.

The amount of funds required varies from peak to peak. For instance, climbing Mt. Rainier may require a commitment of $4000 while an ascent on Denali is in the $7500 range. Climbers can elect to just pay the fee themselves or start a pledge drive, get their friends to commit to the cause, and so on. What ever it takes to raise the necessary funds. Participants are also rewarded with gift cards to to help get them all the necessary equipment they’ll need on the climb as well.

Early registration for the 2011 climbs opened on Sept. 1, giving us all the chance to reserve a spot for next year by putting down just $50. In doing so, you’ll also be committing to paying either a $450 deposit by October 1st, or raising your first $1250 in funds by that deadline as well.

Once you’re signed up however, you can expect a great adventure for 2011 and the chance to help an amazing organization continue to do great things with urban youth across the country. Summit For Somone provides a healthy dose of outdoor adventure mixed with a great opportunity to give back at the same time.

For a full list of the 2011 climbs, which includes an expedition to Kilimanjaro, and to begin the application process, click here.

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