The Rest of Everest Episode 139: It’s Just A Phase

DSC 0234

Another new episode of the Rest of Everest was released yesterday, continuing the story of the Everest Base Camp trek that took place in 2009, with the team members now on their way back down the Khumbu Valley on their return trip to Kathmandu, and eventually home.

This episode is number 139 in the series and is entitled “It’s Just A Phase.” The video begins right where we left off last week, with the hikers moving down a very misty and foggy section of the trail, which is a common sight late in the day in the Himalaya. The mornings tend to be bright, clear, and cool, the perfect time for pictures. As the day goes on, it tends to get more cloudy, with a thick fog moving in. The day turns a bit cooler and more damp as well, as the sun gets obscured, often making the late day hikes the coolest of the day.

As the episode rolls on, the trekkers reach their destination for the day, one of the many tea houses that are common throughout the Himalaya. Once there, they enjoy warm drinks (tea, hot chocolate, etc.) and break out the card games. On this trek Phase 10 was a popular choice, and my trekking group played it as well this past spring.

Once again, the episode gives great insights for anyone planning a trek to the South Side of Everest in the near future. With lots of footage of the area, and great commentary from the crew, watching these episodes from the 2009 trek may be the best way to prepare for the hike. For me though, it’s a wonderful to see some of the places I explored just a few months ago.

Kraig Becker