The Rest of Everest Episode 140: Pillow Talk

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Yesterday brought us yet another new episode of The Rest of Everest, as we continue our virtual journey with the 2009 trekking team that made the journey to Base Camp on the South Side of the mountain. This week’s episode is entitled “Pillow Talk,” and it deliver, in great detail, on that very topic.

The descent from Base Camp continues this week with the trekkers making their way back, slowly but surely to Lukla. The episode opens where we left off last week, with the group camped near Dingboche, one of the villages along the route that is a popular place to stay both going up and coming back down the Khumbu Valley.

Much of the first part of the episode is spent just chatting with a couple of the trekkers, and while we’re not ogling the spectacular scenery, it is an insightful look into what to expect on a trek of this nature. They talk gear, sleeping bags and pads, and of course pillows. (Not to mention Mars Bars!)

Eventually we hit the trail once again, and the trek continues through the Khumbu with the trademark scenery in the background. We also get a free videography lesson from ROE producer Jon Miller as well, which gives us a glimpse of some of the things that you would learn on one of these treks that are a combination of adventure travel and photography/videography workshops.

Highlight of the episode? Jon working hard for a sponsorship from Therm-a-Rest, or just about any other gear company. Well worth watching this portion of the video just for the humor. Or perhaps advice on how to get a gear sponsorship.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Totally interesting story, and it seems this Episode gives a lot of different experience. Well, am impress and am also jealous on your adventures, Wish that I could also experience that kind of adventures. Anyway, thanks so much…

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