Think Climbing In A Gym Can’t Be Epic? Think Again!

It’s the age old argument, Sport vs. Trad with gym rats getting all kinds of derision from both camps. Want to see just how great gym climbing can be? Then check out the video below and see for yourself. Now I’m the last person to say that climbing in a gym is better than being outside on the real rock and breathing the fresh air, but when you simply can’t get outside for a climb, then the gym can be a great alternative. It just needs to be set up to offer a great challenge.

Thanks to William for sharing this video via his Twitter feed. Great stuff my friend!

Kraig Becker

3 thoughts on “Think Climbing In A Gym Can’t Be Epic? Think Again!”

  1. I've seen the video before and it ( almost) inspired me to write a post too:)

    The little girl is awesome, I wish I started climbing when I was her age !

    But indoor climbing at that level ( in the video) is different type of climbing-competitive.

    For most "recreational climber " ( like me ) it's pretty hard core ! Inside or outside, doesn't seem like I can go climbing more than a couple times a month ( sometimes less:))

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