Trans-Kalahari Adventure Run Update: The Run is Done!

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Long distance endurance runners Jukka Viljanen, Kirsi Montonen, and Greg Maud have completed their 1000km (620 mile) run across the Kalahari Desert, reaching the finish line last Friday after three weeks on the trail. The adventurous trio had been making the run to raise funds and awareness for the Cheetah Conservation Botswana project.

When we last checked in with the team, they were about halfway done, and starting to encounter wildlife of the worst kind. At that point, they were running into puff adders, one of the more dangerous snakes in Africa, but hoping to see lions or other big cats. Their blog doesn’t mention if they did ever see any of the big predators, but one night while sleeping, a young leopard came and surveyed their camp, which gives you an indication of how close they were to the animals while making the run.

The blog hasn’t been updated since the announcement of Jukka, Kirsi, and Greg reaching their 1000km goal, although it does say that they were looking for a few days rest. Hopefully they now have a chance to really enjoy the landscapes and take in the culture of Botswana before they head home. I’m told it is an amazing place, and it is definitely on my short list to visit in the very near future.

Congrats to the entire team. What a great way to explore a new country and do something good for a worthy charity at the same time.

Kraig Becker

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