CheapTents.Com Interviews Adventure Racer Mike Kloser

Bio Mike1 Trek has continued their string of great interviews, this time posting a very insightful piece on adventure racing legend Mike Kloser whose Team Blackwater finished second at the recent AR World Championships held in Spain. Kloser is one of the most successful adventure racers of all time, having won nearly every major title in the sport over the past 13 years of racing.

In the interview, Mike talks about a wide variety of things including what motivated him to get into adventure racing back in 1997, his favorite pieces of gear, and his choice for the top location he has ever raced in. He also discusses what he believes to be his biggest sporting achievement (which may surprise a few people), as well as his picks for his favorite and least favorite AR disciplines.

Once again, the CheapTents crew were kind enough to let me tag a few questions on to their interview, giving me the opportunity to quiz Mike on a few things as well. Thanks guys!

On a personal note, I had the opportunity to meet Mike at Primal Quest Montana a few years back and he is a really amazing guy. Not only is he incredibly talented as an athlete, but he’s also very intense, yet still approachable and easy to chat with. It seems that he is getting ready to ride off into the sunset and call an end to his adventure racing career, and I have to say that he will indeed be missed. There are a lot of great endurance athletes in the sport, but few will ever match the career that Kloser has put together. I’m sure he’ll still be racing in some individual events for a long time, but we probably won’t see him in any of the big AR races again. There are a lot of his competitors who are probably happy to hear that.

Kraig Becker