Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing National Championship

The Checkpoint Tracker Adventure Racing National Championship is going down this weekend in Moab, Utah, one of the top adventure destinations in the U.S. The race got underway this morning at 8 AM local time, and will run through noon tomorrow, followed closely with a BBQ and Halloween Party!

The event features all the standard adventure racing disciplines including 15-25 miles of kayaking, 20-30 miles of trekking, and 35-45 miles of mountain biking. The course will also feature 2-3 miles of the always popular river boarding and a ropes course that includes a 350′ Tyrolean Traverse. The race also has teams in various categories including a 4-person open and elite coed options as well as 2-person and solo categories as well.

The race will cap a full season of races in the Checkpoint Tracker series with a number of races held in a variety of locations around the country. The winners of the Moab event will be crowned the 2010 Checkpoint Tracker champions. Seems like it should be a fun and competitive event in a fantastic environment. I hope all the teams race safely and have a great time.

Kraig Becker

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  1. thats so fun full,hell no who needs the prize over this fantastic experience. you see thats whats really amazes me about western culture it give creadit for this kind of simple but vital education through recreation activity …
    i have a question are you in,have you ever been?
    by the way its me your facebook friend hailu getachew.

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