Himalaya Fall 2010: Eric Summits Everest, Completes Save The Poles Expedition!

800px Mt Everest Aerial

Major congratulations are going out to Eric Larsen this morning as he and his Sherpa guides have reached the summit of Everest this morning amidst calm, but steady winds. While details of the climb are yet to be released, Larsen did send a tweet back from the top of the world saying “Everest summit!” That was approximately four hours ago as of this writing, and at this point he and the Sherpas are making their way back down to Camp 4 for some much deserved rest.

The summit of the highest mountain on the planet holds great significance for Erich today. Not only are he and his guides the last team on Everest at the moment, they are also the only ones to nab the summit this fall, which has been marked with incredibly bad weather, he has also finished his Save the Poles Expedition at long last, having now visited the North and South Pole, as well as the top of Everest, which is sometimes called the “Third Pole,” all in the same calendar year.

I’ve been following Eric’s progress since his expedition was announced last year, and updated frequently on his progress to both the Poles and now his Everest expedition as well. It is extremely gratifying to see him complete the task he set out to do. It has been one heck of a year for the explorer, and I think he deserves a nice break on a beach somewhere. Of course, he’ll most likely decide he wants to complete the Adventure Grand Slam and go off and get the rest of the Seven Summits, but for now, I’m sure, life is good.

At least have a steak at the Rum Doodle when you get back to Kathmandu Eric! Congratulations on a job well done. Now finish what you started and get back down safe.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Really great job of him. Hope he gets down well… Anyway I'm already looking forward to his next adventures. Will miss his contributions (and yours about him)!

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