New Polar Tent Will Keep You Warm, Lighten Your Wallet


Outdoor gear manufacturer NEMO Equipment Inc. is prepping a new high tech tent that promises to provide plenty of warmth for expeditions wandering into regions with extreme cold. Dubbed the “Isopod,” this new tent is designed to sleep four comfortably while keeping the harsh elements at bay, and is said to be the culmination of nearly a decade of research that includes working with NASA on possible lunar exploration scenarios.

According to the Gear Junkie, who posted this article about the Isopod, the tent is made of a special fabric called OSMO EX that was created specifically for NEMO. That fabric incorporates a special layer that reflects radiant heat, allowing the tent to stay warm, while also allowing it to breathe at the same time. Nylon windows allow sunlight in, and allow even more heat to be reflected off the floor, increasing the performance in cold weather even further.

The design also allows the Isopod to be a free standing tent that is said to be easy to set-up. In fact, the outer shell can be constructed first, which will allow the polar explorer to then crawl inside and finish building his or her shelter with a degree of protection from the elements. An inner tent body and a special floor complete the Isopod.

There are a couple of caveats to keep in mind about this new tent, which is expected to be available next Spring. First, weighs in at nearly 26 pounds, which makes it far too heavy for most polar expeditions on foot or skis. The Gear Junkie points out that it is a perfect piece of gear if you’re traveling by dogsled or snowmobile however.

The other issue is the price. NEMO expected to sell this very specialized piece of gear for $3400. Quite a hefty sum for a tent. But, if it delivers on its promise for polar performance, it may just be worth every penny for the right team.

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