Red Bull Rampage Finals Video

Our onslaught of videos to start the week continues with this one which captures some of the action that went down over the weekend at the Redbull Rampage, an epic freeride mountain bike competition that took place near Virgin, Utah.

The competitors bombed down the side of sandstone cliffs pulling off all kinds of tricks on their way to the finish line. There were spectacular drops, huge jumps, and some amazing riding on display. Looks like it was a great time, although I wouldn’t last two minutes on that trail.

Thanks to the Outside Blog for the tip on this follow-up video to the one I posted last week that showed all the spectacular crashes.

Kraig Becker

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  1. Thanks for the nits being picked! 🙂 I'll adjust the article, but I think I'll go with "Virgin" which is what I posted in the original story I wrote about the event.

    And I agree, crazy video!

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